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Portfolio of Recent Jobs

Crabtree Jones House- Raleigh, NC

In February of 2014, Blake Moving & Rigging moved this 62'x80' 2 story historic house with its fireplaces, 400 yards down Wake Forest Rd to its new location. We lifted the house, known as the Crabtree Jones House, with a Unified Jacking System and moved it with the SmartSteer Buckingham Power Dolly System. The building weighed 240 ton and was moved by remote control with eight Buckingham Dollys.

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Relocation of 3 houses in Pittsboro, NC

Relocation of 3 Houses in Pittsboro, NC

The Terry-Taylor house is a small 14'x31' two-story wood frame house with two brick chimneys and an 8' Front porch. It was relocated two blocks away along with the 28'x40' two-story Patrick-St. Lawrence House, and the 32'x34' single-story McClenahan House. All three houses were lifted using a Unified Jacking System and moved two blocks to their new lots near the corner of Chatham and Small Streets.

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Shoring job in Liberty, NC

Shoring Job - Liberty, NC

This wood frame house and brick home required a new foundation due to sagging and settling that was happening. We excavated around the house on three sides and supported the structure, leaving only the back foundation wall in place.

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Brick masonry office relocation in King, NC

Brick Office Relocation - King, NC

This 36'x70' Wood Frame building with brick veneer was moved 200 yards along East King St to a new location. The building was lifted with a Unified Jacking System and moved on Power Dollies.

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House move in Alton, VA

House Move - Alton, VA

This 1-1/2 Story Frame House measured 44'x46' and was moved with the front porch roof, the back porch, and two chimneys. It was lifted with a Unified Jacking System and moved on Power Dollies to a new location down the road. At the new location it was lifted again to an elevation 8-1/2' above the footers (which were already installed) and supported in place while new foundation walls were built up.

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Brick masonry house move in Oak Ridge, NC

Brick House Move - Oak Ridge, NC

This 29'x61' frame house with brick veneer was moved along with the the porch roof and the deck across Highway 150 West to it's new location. It was lifted with a Unified Jacking System and moved with the Buckingham Power Dolly System.

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House Movers

Blake Moving Company Structure Moving
Structural moving occurs when a building or structure is physically moved from one area to another area. Buildings can be moved either through taking the structure apart or they can be lifted, raised and then placed under movable wheels or dollies similar to house moving large objects. Certain type of movable wheel structure can support the large structure moving including cars with flatbed trucks. Moving a structure comes with complexity, including verifying the city code, clearing the path on the road or highway, removing any obstructions in the path of the moving structure and also ensuring traffic is not at a high level. The structure must also be organized so that large structures such as the chimney can be accommodated for.

Companies, people, museums and other organizations move structures for a variety of reasons. For one reason, redevelopment especially associated with gentrification where a large area must remove low-cost housing for high-cost housing.

Sometimes it involves maintaining the historical precedence of the building, or reducing costs of getting a new home, clearing land for new home development. Blake Moving does not favor destruction of functional houses from an environmental care standpoint. Every year structures are being demolished by local, state and national governmental agencies that could be saved.

Blake Moving Company realizes that historic preservation is a large reason why many buildings are moved and there are many examples of this structural movement. The property owner at times might want to sell the land but maintain the building to increase their profits. Structural movers helps maintain historic buildings, reduce the amount of dirt and waste from breakage, minimize the impact environmentally and allow housing structures at reduced pricing.

At Blake Moving Company, we realize disaster is another big reason why structural movers have large projects. During natural disaster such as hurricanes, or excessive rain, such as the case in Hurricane Kartrina and Hurricane Sandy. There is usually a short time frame and relocation takes priority immediately. Houses and building need to elevated and moved physically. Local, state and national government are heavily involved in emergency procedures to rescue people, provide safety, provide food and temporary shelter. House moving is a delicate subject because insurance companies react slowly compared to the demand. Home owners get frustrated with their house being destroyed or newly flooded.

Things to Remember When Looking at a Structural Mover

Before you get a quote or company to provide for house moving structure, keep these in mind. Do the structural movers have insurance that includes general liability, workman’s comp, and cargo?
What cash amounts do policies cover for?
A certificate of insurance should be requested and received with the bids.
How long has the business been operating? Is the company well-established or newly established?
What is their experience with the particular type of building you are moving? Can the company have a portfolio of work?
What is the mover's average size project and does your project match that experience?
What level of equipment and man power does the moving team display?
What references or body of work can you see?
Is the company a current member of any trade group such as the International Association of Structural Movers?
What type of timeframes can you expect in moving the structure from point A to point B?
Would the mover be employing any sub-contractors on your job? If yes a certificate of insurance should be requested and received prior to any work commencing.

Blake Moving Company is a structural moving company specializing in quality team members, house moving, structural moving, historic moving, quality equipment and moving process guidelines. They operate in Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia. The specific cities they operate in are Richmond VA, Charleston SC, Raleigh NC, Greenville SC, Atlanta GA.

What Type of Equipment is Used to Move structures

When you raise and elevate a structure you start with attaching a temporary steel framework beneath the structure as a bolster or support. From that point, a series of hydraulic jacks controlled in one unit lifts the unit above the metal framework. Hydraulic jacks must find ideal ground conditions, and jacking point to ensure stability when the jack is extended.

A hydraulic jack utilizes fluid, more specifically oil which is incompressible due to its stable state, that is sent into a cylinder via a pump. When the pump reverts or goes back, it suctions oil through a valve back into the pump and then once it moves forward the oil is sent into the cylinder. A suction valve ball controls the opening and closing of the cylinder and forces the pressure buildup. This pressure creates the lift.

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